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Consulting & Networking

UVM Printing Solutions is a consultancy company in the graphic arts market, specialized in branching out foreign manufactures into Europe, as well as setting up companies and company acquisition in this territory.

Being in the business for 20 years, we have created a wide network of partners and gathered a lot of experience, which are two of our main strengths. In a more and more digitalized world, our clients trust in our personal relationships and knowledge about the market field to succeed in business.
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Why us?


Throughout the last 20 years of working in the graphics art market, our networking abilities have made it possible to create a big network of highly-positioned partners working in the field. Nowadays, we are one of the best connected companies in the business. This makes it easy for us to get access to the latest trends and technologies, acquire new clients and get in touch with the decision makers in charge.
Widespread connections
Highly-positioned partners
Trusted realtionships
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Market Expertise

Our experience in the grafics art field has given us the ability to assess any situation concering the market needs, wheather it’s a new product, a shift in the market or a brand new player. We are constantly analysing, researching and planning to give our partners the tools and oppurtunities to gain them the the upper hand on the competition.
20+ years of experience
Comprehensive knowledge
Great market overview
Future-oriented marketing
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Sales Development

Branching out into new Business Areas needs a dedicated process that helps salespeople to get faster and more qualified appointments. This includes analyzing your product and business and comparing it to the market needs in different places in the world. We have both the network and experience to build a working business model for your product. Moreover, we are able to support our clients with a highly experienced and motivated acquisition team.
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Company Acquisition

Company acquisition is a proven method to gain market share and margin. Nevertheless, it’s a path of trial and tribulation to find the right candidate. Facts and figures are important, but culture and history of companies is a strong decision point. Within our team we have experts and natural speakers in most of the European countries. This allows us to support you to find the most fitting acquisition candidate.
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