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Communication and networking


the key to success

Why our network is superior.

Networking is undoubtedly one of the key factors to grow your business. However, to achieve real success, it’s just not enough to just know anybody. You want to be in touch with the important people, the decision makers, that have access to resources and can elevate your opportunities to a new level.

We can provide you with a wide network of highly-positioned partners that value our relationship from 20 years of prosperous collaboration and projects.

The decisionmakers

We are in touch with the managers and entrepreneurs, the decision makers that are responsible for taking the big decisions.

Long-term relations

Successful projects of mutually benefit have built up the faith to fund long-term trusted relationships in buisness and in person.

Global reach

UVM has a wide network of partners across Europe and North- and Middle America, but also in regions like Asia, South America and the Middle East.

hardware, software & supplies

Product Areas

Depending on the project, you sometimes run into requirements that need special knowledge in a field you are not an expert in. Our network allows us to hire or get you in touch with specialists in a number of fields, such as hardware, software and supplies. This way, we can insure the success of the project and take better economical decisions.




Sublimation Papers

Widespread connections

Based on your individual needs, you might have different requirements for expanding your buisness into the European market. Knowing all the important manufactorers, dealerships and print providers, we not only have an insight over what the competition has to offer. It also empowers us to make a judgement on who’s most likely to be interested and capable of a profitable collaboration on the product you are offering, and get you in touch with them.



Print Providers

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Get in touch with the important people today.

We can set you on track for expanding your buisness to the European market. Get you in touch with the people in power, that fit your product and personality. Start with us today!

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Market Expertise

making a business plan

The European market

Despite the first impression, the European market is a lot more diverse than it seems. Every country has a different culture and mentality, and thus, a different focus on what is important to them. Sales represent this – the right product in the wrong market is as bad as the wrong product in the right market. As a company, we’ve been dealing with this issue for a long time. Years of experience have led us to shape these difference into our advantage, carefully selecting the right market for the product we want to promote.

20 years of know-how

Experience brings success

Our experience in the market has given us the ability to evaluate any given situation and shape it to our advantage to produce the best possible outcome for our customers. Our grand overview over the market allows us to make a quality judgement of the product, in terms of their sustainability, innovation power and success probability compared to other products. Moreover, we have established the tools and connections to ensure a long lasting and prosperous success for it.

making a business plan

Future-oriented marketing

Due to our experience and ever-growing knowledge about the digital print market, we are always up-to-date on the latest trends. We have sources all over the globe, helping us find out about the newest, innovative products, trend sets and developments before they are even fully established. In a progressing, fast world, we can provide you with everything you need for sustainable success – now and in the future.

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Find the right environment for your product.

With our knowledge and our network, we can help you find the right place in the market for your product. Our grand overview of the market helps us evaluating the pros and cons of your product, finding the enviroment it will fit in best and getting you in touch with the people that can make your buisness grow.
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