Back when I started in the business, globalization wasn’t even a big thing yet. I mean, you could go to an exhibition in America and meet like 5 Europeans. Back then, I had a business partner who wanted to buy two new machines and he was trying to make a good price with his dealer. At that time, I already had a big network in a lot of regions in the world and I knew a guy from Israel who could sell it for way cheaper. So I called him and I told him ‘Roll out the red carpet, I’ve got a business partner for you. We are flying over tomorrow’. So that’s what we did. We made a good price and singed the contract the same day, and in the end he gave me 20% of the difference.
That’s when I knew I could make this a business.

volker müller, ceo


Our values


Trust isn't taken, it is given. It isn't bought, it's earned over time. Our company isn't interested in quick shots, but rather in sustainable, trustful long-term relationships between partners that put together quality work everybody benefits from.


In today's digitalized world, it has become more where it's easier than ever to receive information. Thus, knowing what information there is and where you can find it is far more important than ever before. Our mission as a company is to let our clients benefit from a general overview over the market, or, if needed, connect them to the decisionmakers who know more specific details about a certain topic.


In a more and more digitailzed world, it is easier than ever to contact somebody. On the other hand, it is harder than ever to have real communication. Not all people are the same, some have different attitudes, a different workflow, different values, a different focus. As a company, it is our goal to not only provide contact, but rather to create real communication by bringing together people that truly match.

Our team

Volker Müller
Karla Bayer
CEO Assistant
Karin Müller
Financial Manager